Coaching for Change

Accompanying you in a transition

What is Coaching

As a coach, I accompany you through the change that you wish for or that you are in, wanted or not. Together, we enter a transitional space, where all is possible and where different perspectives can exist side by side. Starting from where you are at this moment, we explore where you want to go, what you long for, and what you need from the past to strengthen you. I try to help activate your protective wraps, by looking at what has helped you through difficult situations before. They can give you anchorage in a period of vulnerability and re-embed you in your larger family system. We stay in this space as long as is needed, to say farewell to the past and create something new. Being in transition gives you a chance for growth and personal development, since everything is possible where nothing is fixed.

What do I do?

I invite you into this space. I invite you to explore.

While figuring out what can help you in the present, we look at what you need to be able to say farewell to the past, and what you wish to take with you from there into your future.

We explore your family´s wisdom, how it can help you in the present situation. For this, I work with, amongst others, timelines and genograms, drawing out your family over at least three generations. They can help you gain a better understanding of why you do things the way you do them, what makes you position yourself in various contexts the way you do.

Insight can facilitate change. The process goes as far and as deep as you decide. 

I invite you to work with the body to create insight in patterns – patterns of stress, of how you are in a relationship, of old beliefs, survival mechanisms, … and how they play out in the present. Becoming aware of this enables you to do something different – and employ the body to create and support durable change. We can also explore ways to calm down your nervous system.

Zia Sign

The Zia Symbol, my inspiration to accompany you during change. To learn more about its meaning, click on the symbol.

As a mediator and coach, I can offer to explore patterns in communication and in the dynamics of a relationship, should you wish to effect change in that area and if mediation is not an option.

I aim to be multi-partial, which means that I try to put myself in turns in the position of everyone concerned, including people who are not actually present in the coaching. This can help add other perspectives.

I am open to other family members or friends participating in the coaching should you wish so.

If you change the way you look at things, 
the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer